DG Magazine Cover

DG Magazine CoverThe brief was to design a magazine based on a futuristic concept, i chose to based my concept on time travel. My design portrays a time warp from the current era, either going forward or back in time through the warp.


HELPERS Logo Concept





This logo was designed for  a health company, they desired a cooperate look logo that reflected there tasks.

Mission to Launch Poster

This poster was designed as part of my major assignment at CIT, with my the custom logo and type face.

Botanical Gardens Poster

This Poster was designed as an A4 promo advertisement poster for the Botanical Gardens of Australia located in Canberra.

Imagination Postcards

Both postcard concept were based on Imagination, as the task was to use a phrase and i chose ‘imagination, your only limit.’ and portray it in 2 different concepts.

The concept above portrays that your imagination is not your only limit, as when two imaginations come together the greater the imagination.








For the other concept i have promoted Lovisa Jewellery, where your imagination with jewellery is endless.

Peacock Poster

This poster was one of my first projects at CIT, the project was inspired by Russell Benfanti and his illustrations. I loved how creative and detailed you could become with this project, I also learn’t many skills through this task especially since i had never used illustrator before.

Mission to Launch Logo

Mission to Launch Logo

This logo was designed for the festival Mission to Launch for a major project at CIT.